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Taiwan is a popular country among students who want to study abroad. This is a country filled with culture, history, food, nature and great outdoor activities. In this quick guide, you will get the most important information about what you need to know to ease your decision to study in Taiwan. For more information check here -  Tuvanduhocmap .

Quick introduction to Taiwan

Taiwan, a country located on the southeast coast of Asia. The country has many beautiful mountains and a very tropical climate with both rain and dryness. It was first discovered in the 16th century by the Portuguese when they sailed to Asia. They call Taiwan Ilha Formosa, which means'

Taiwan used to be part of the ROC, but in 1949, they separated from the continent. By 2000, Taiwan became one of the economic regions of the Asian Tiger Tiger Tiger. Their economic structure evolved from a labor industry to a high-tech industry. China is their main trading partner, with the United States and Japan in second and third place.

Why study in Taiwan?

International students often find it easy to live in Taiwan. With a diverse culture and rich history, this country welcomes international students with open arms.

One of the reasons why students like to study in Taiwan is because there is always a natural mother mother around the corner. While some areas are known for impressive mountains for hiking, others are known for forests, sandbanks, lagoons, and architectural history.

In terms of higher education, low tuition fees at universities and colleges in Taiwan are also a big factor for students. Due to new government policies, high-quality research programs in Taiwan can now be more affordable.

It is also good to know that the Taiwan Ministry of Education has launched programs for higher education, which makes it easy to apply, as well as research for foreign students studying in Taiwan. The country also has scholarships for international students.

Besides the low tuition fees, the country itself is cheap. The cost of living is quite reasonable and depending on your lifestyle, you can also travel to different countries in Asia for cheap because they are very close. A great way to start exploring the world!

Higher education in Taiwan
The best universities from Taiwan are mainly in the Taipei area. National Taiwan University, Yang-Ming National University, Taipei Medical University, National Taiwan University of Education are based in Taipei or near this city.

The top universities can not only be found in Taipei but also across the country. In Hsinchu City, you will find great science and technology organizations. Two universities in this city are ranked among the top 200 universities in the world - Tsing Hua National University and Chiao Tung National University.

A. Higher education institutions in Taiwan
If you decide to study the cost of studying in Taiwan , there are many higher education institutions to choose from. Currently, there are at least 163 universities, colleges and colleges in Taiwan.

Universities and colleges

Public schools are supported by the government and some private schools are supported by commercial groups or religious agencies.

B. The path to study in Taiwan
Your study time depends on the path you want to go. Here, a basic study time in Taiwan

C. Top institutions in Taiwan
Here are the top 10 universities for studying abroad in Taiwan based on the QS World University Rankings 2018-2019 :

D. Opportunity to study in Taiwan
Can there be enough Taiwan? And you want to stay longer in the country?

No problem, because you can apply for a work visa or extend your student visa! Visit the Taiwan government website and in the White-collar Worker Resident Visa section You can apply for a work visa, and in the student visa section, you can apply for an extension of your current student visa. Just make sure you get a work permit from the company you are planning to work with or a college acceptance letter! Easy right?

How to enroll in Taiwan

A. Language requirements
International students whose native language is not English will need proof of their English proficiency. For TOEFL, a minimum score of 500 is required and an IELTS scoreminimum of 5.5. It is strongly recommended to contact the review university to inquire about their requirements. For Master's degree programs, students need to meet the minimum knowledge requirements in English and a second language.

 B. Visa Requirements
The visa requirements for international students studying full-time in Doctoral, Master's, Bachelor or Certificate / Certificates are as follows:

Two-color passport size photos
Copy of passport, it should be valid for at least six months
. Original and photocopy of health certificate

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