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Gree operates mnc6 wastewater treatment to meet column a qcvn 40:2011/btnmt standard at the industrial park in tay ninh

Green Eye Environment Co., Ltd. (GREE) exclusively distributes KWI's built-in flocculation equipment, settling, and filtration of KWI water treatment in Vietnam, Laos, and Cambodia markets. KWI Group is one of the pioneers in MDAF technology in the world established in 1949 by Dr. Milos Krofta. Currently, KWI has more than 17 global branches and more than 4700 systems that have been successfully applied in over 77 countries.
KWI projects that have been successfully implemented in Vietnam include: Watten Vietnam paper factory with a capacity of 2400 m3/day, Vina Kraft Bình Dương paper factory with a capacity of 13000 m3/day, NTPM Vietnam paper factory with a capacity of 3800 m3/day, Nam Bình Dương solid waste treatment complex with a capacity of 480 m3/day, and Thu Trọng seafood factory with a capacity of 400 m3/day.
GREE would like to introduce,
According to the roadmap, improving the quality of wastewater from B to A according to QCVN 40: 2011/BTNMT, renovating and upgrading water treatment systems, and effectively handling phosphorus, color, COD, BOD, ammonium, and maximum mud concentration are problems that make investors of industrial parks interested.
With an integrated 5-in-1 product (flocculation process, sedimentation, microbiological treatment, and sludge concentration), KWI has a world class product in terms of a solution that will help customers in this area. The industry thoroughly solves this problem. The KWI device has successfully operated large industrial wastewater projects in the world such as: Nippon Kodoshi Japan industrial park (Japan) with a capacity of 4320 m3/day, Ford Koln industrial park (Germany) with a capacity of 9264 m3/day, and Marusho industrial park (Japan) with a capacity of 1440 m3/day...
In the process of renovating the system with only one KWI device, the wastewater meets the standard column A according to QCVN 40: 2011/BTNMT with the quality of the water recognized by the internal sensory, outstanding performance, minimizing color content, eliminating COD, TSS, P, N, and ammonium. The higher the pollution concentration, the more outstanding effect.
Moreover, the floating sludge produced is concentrated to reduce the volume of sludge more than traditional technology, which saves the cost of sludge treatment on the rear and meets the demand for capacity lifting without spending money on space, saving chemical waste and labor.
Some experimental operation images with the characteristics of textile wastewater dyed more than 50% of the total wastewater of the industrial park in Tay Ninh:

*Video Clip MNC6 operation of wastewater treatment and sludge concentrate of Tay Ninh industrial park:
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*Brochure Minicell flocculation equipment combining sediment, microbiological treatment, and sludge concentrate (5 in 1)


Customers who are interested or in need of an advanced water treatment technology, saving operating cost, efficiency, reducing investment costs for their projects:
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