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Buy 10ft shipping container

Buy 10ft shipping container


Buy 10ft Shipping Containers - 10ft Shipping Containers For Sale

 Natural gas n containers 10ft shipping containers are available for hire and sale, make a strong and secure portable storage option, and trusted by customers all over Australia to safely ship goods.

10ft shipping container dimensions: natural gas n containers 10ft shipping containers offer an extra 30cm height and 6cm width than a standard storage container making them a excellent storage option for those with limited space. Whilst the height of our 10ft containers is ideal for larger items, the extra width allows enough room to fit two Australian standard pallets side by side on the floor. Buy 10ft Shipping Containers

Natural gas n containers 10ft shipping containers have been shipped to Australia containing cargo - in order to reduce shipping costs - and often referred to as “one trip”. They may arrive with slight scratches, scuff-marks or minor dents. Our one trip containers can be certified for International Shipping or Domestic Rail travel for no additional cost.


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10ft Used Shipping Containers

Containers Direct are the UK's largest supplier of 10ft used shipping containers with discounted weekly delivery runs to all parts of the country. Whether you are looking for a quality 10ft used shipping container, a new 10ft shipping container or a refurbished 10ft container, Containers Direct have the capacity to supply the right quality at the right price, wherever you are in the UK. 10 ft used shipping containers make excellent storage containers but can also be modified for a container conversion project. To ensure a faster service, that puts quality at the forefront, we manufacture and modify 10 foot containers in our own dedicated workshops, rather than relying on sub-contractors. This allows us to have total control over quality from initial enquiry through to delivery. Our 10 foot container for sale is offered with a unique choice of door types to choose from, which you can explore below. Each is designed to suit different requirements in terms of usage, cost and security.


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