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Sobha Luxurious & Spacious Apartments at Panathur Road

SOBHA NEOPOLIS is a 3 and 4 bedroom apartment near eco-space Panathur, Bangalore. Great building in immortal Grecian style. SOBHA Neopolis offers luxury houses and many up-to-date conveniences designed for all age groups. Located near Panathur away from Marathahalli – ORR, this sprawling Greek themed town offers eternal trip to Mediterranean.

One of the most preferred residential areas in Bangalore is Panathur Road. One of the nicest areas of the city, very convenient and excellent communication. This is the ideal place of abode for the city’s workforce since the Outer Ring Road IT Corridor is a stone throw away.

The project is located next to the best schools, clinics, tech-parks nearby Panathur Main Road. The forthcoming lines of Metro will boost commuter network in the area substantially. This location is close to ORR and OMR. The project site is located just twenty minutes away from the ITPL Tech Park. From this place, it would take 45 minutes to travel 38 km to the Bangalore Airport.


Future Projects Adjacent to the Metro: Phase 2A and 2B of the Namma Metro Rail Line will have been completed by 2025. The Phase 2A route will pass through the East part of the city near the project site.

Quality Assurance: As a project by Sobha Limited, renowned for its commitment to quality, Sobha Neopolis ensures that each aspect of construction meets the highest standards. Investing in a Sobha property is synonymous with investing in quality craftsmanship and attention to detail.

Strategic Investment: Whether you are looking for your dream home or considering a strategic real estate investment, Sobha Neopolis presents an opportunity to be part of a thriving community in one of Bangalore's rapidly developing areas. The potential for growth and return on investment makes it an attractive proposition for discerning buyers.

Embrace the essence of modern living with Sobha Neopolis – where thoughtful design, prime location, and contemporary amenities converge to create a residential haven in the heart of Bengaluru. Secure your spot on Panathur Main Road and experience the epitome of comfort and style in every square foot.


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