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How to Fix QuickBooks Error 12007?

 Are you struggling with QuickBooks Error 12007? Don’t worry in this article, we will learn to fix this error. But before knowing the solution let’s discuss it and the reasons why you face this problem.

 The error 12007 is an update issue that takes place when you download or update the QuickBooks software or QB payroll services. It may be caused when your QB can not connect to the Internet because your Internet or Firewall security settings are interfering with the update. Therefore, checking your internet connection is the first and best way to fix this issue. There are many possible reasons behind the Internet and payroll updating is one of the reasons.

What is meant by QuickBooks Error 12007?

The QuickBooks Error 12007 occurs when a QB user tries to update the QuickBooks software or wants to make changes to its payroll services. A network timeout usually causes this error. It shows that the software is encountering an issue when accessing the server.

You will get a pop-up message(“QuickBooks is witnessing an issue and must be shut down. We apologize for the inconvenience.”) on your desktop screen when you encounter this error.

The Possible Reasons for QuickBooks Update Error 12007:

The following are the possible reasons due to which you are facing this update error:

  • QuickBooks is facing a network timeout issue when you are trying to download or update the QB software and QB payroll services. 

  • If your QB connection is blocked due to the firewall settings. 

  • If you have not set the Internet Explorer as your default browser.

  • The Internet Connection is not stable.

  • If your firewall or Internet security system is not configured correctly.

  • QuickBooks software is unable to access the server. 

  • Inappropriate SSL settings may lead to error 12007.

Methods to Fix the QuickBooks Error 12007:

Following are the methods to resolve the QB update error. You can use any of these methods to fix the QuickBooks error 12007:

Method 1. Fix the Internal Issues:

In this method, Internal issues such as QuickBooks desktop errors, Internet issues, and local computer errors are fixed. 

Follow the simple steps that are mentioned below to resolve these internal issues:

  1. Check for the update of your computer system. If any updates are pending then update them first to the latest release. 

  2. After updating your computer system, update your QuickBooks software. 

  3. Set Internet Explorer as your default browser. 

  4. Upgrade your Internet  Explorer to the latest version.

  5. After that, rectify your SSL settings. Then enable the SSL certificate and configure the Internet settings correctly. 

  6. Go to the Internet security and firewall settings and allow the QuickBooks connections.

  7. After completing all these steps, restart your computer system and update your QuickBooks software again. 

Method 2. Set Up Your Internet Explorer:

Sometimes Internet Explorer settings may cause the QuickBooks error 12007. Follow the mentioned steps to make the possible changes to the Internet Explorer. 

  1. In the first step, close the QuickBooks application and open your Internet Explorer browser on your desktop. 

  2. After that click on the tools option and then select Internet Settings. 

  3. Go to the security tab and select the Globe icon to set the security level. click the icon and set it to the medium-high. 

  4.  After this, Click on the Connections tap. If you have used the node dial on your system select the right ISP number and click OK. If you have not used it before click  Never Dial a Connection option.   

  5. Next, Go to the LAN settings and set it to the “automatically detect” option.  

  6. Open the advanced settings tab select the restore advanced settings options and then click on the TLS 1.2 option. 

  7. After this, save all the settings and cut the Internet Explorer tab. 

  8. At last, restart your computer system and update the QB software.

Method 3. Open the Windows in safe mode:

If you are still facing this error, try to open the windows in safe mode. Go to the Boot settings and click on the "Opening the Windows in the safe mode with networking" option. This method will help you a lot to resolve the QuickBooks Error 12007. 

Method 4. Change QuickBooks Payroll and updates:

If you have tried all the above methods to fix the update error but are still facing the same issue then you can use the fourth method. In this method, we try to fix the Payroll and update services. 

Below are the steps that you can follow to solve the issue. 

  1. Switch off the internet or disconnect the Wifi router. 

  2. Switch on the internet or connect the Wifi router and check the internet latency. 

  3. Next, launch your QB desktop and then you have to open the company file. 

  4. After that, press Ctrl k on your keyword. A new dialog box will appear on your screen. 

  5. Select the Edit option from the new window.

  6. Finally, in the last step untick the Open Payroll Setup option. 

After completing all the steps the QB payroll will start updating automatically. This process will take some time so wait for some time and then check if QuickBooks Error12007 is fixed or not. 


In this article, we have discussed QuickBooks Error 12007, the reasons why you are facing this issue, and the ways that you can use to solve this error. We hope these above solutions will help you to resolve this update error 12007. If you face any problem while fixing this problem you can contact us.